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October 28, 2019

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December 5, 2019

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Custom Upholstery Upper East Side Manhattan Em Studio NY- Is it Right for You?

October 28, 2019



When you have used the same furniture for years, it is natural to crave a new one. As time goes on trends, change and you will want your furniture style to move with the change wave.

If your furniture is no longer looking refined and has lost its synergy with your interior decoration, what do you do? Do you throw it out because they are looking mundane and rusty? There is no need for that because you can take it to an upholsterer to wear it a new look. Custom upholstery is a way of designing your furniture tailored to your requirements.

At Em Studios, we have a team of professionals that have gained many years of experience to help renovate the appearance of our clients' furniture to any design they want with our custom upholstery.

Below are the reasons why your furniture needs custom upholstery.




The durability of your furniture is partly influenced by the material of the upholstery. There are upholstery materials that are stain-resistant. This implies they can withstand your children, liquid spills or pets to enhance durability. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

At Em Studio, our upholstery material of high quality to ensure that they are of use to you for as long as possible.


Environmentally Friendly


A few years after use and the furniture looks worn out, many will prefer to dispose of them. The majority of the pieces of the thrown away furniture end up in the landfill and creates environmental issues.

If the pieces of this furniture are torn apart to create something new, the environment will be safeguarded. In addition, custom furniture upholstery will give your furniture a revitalized look and prevent from discarding them.




With furniture upholstery, you can customize your furniture using whatever color, fabric, texture or decorative style you want. Custom furniture upholstery helps you decorate your home's interior to your desire. There is no limit to the style of decorations you can make for your house interior with custom upholstery.




Some people throw away their old-looking furniture for new ones. The cost of buying new furniture when compared to that of custom upholstery is costlier. It may prove difficult to find the upholstery fabric or color that you want but in the end, it will prove beneficial. You will spend less on the custom upholstery and save more money.




Why distort the balance and layout you have established in a room by throwing away that piece of furniture for a new one? Custom upholstery helps you keep that level of comfort and decoration pattern that you have been accustomed to.

At Em Studio NY, we have a passion for refinement. For the past 30 years, we have been helping our clients refurbish their furniture, retain and enhance the aesthetics of their living spaces. Our Showroom is located conveniently on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. 

We have a team of well-trained and experienced artisans that will help reupholster your old furniture to the taste you desire. If you intend to restore the look of your furniture, give us a call today for a consultation. 

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