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Meet The Team

Emily Gorelik

Founder and Designer


Emily has spent her whole life in the design field, shadowing various different interior designers. She has taken this 30 year old custom design manufacturing business and extended it into the retail location, opening the doors to NYC and beyond. 

Shawn Gorelik

Founder, Designer, Showroom Operations


Shawn’s background in interior design provided him with a great foundation to create a successful design firm. His passion is reflected in his enthusiasm about all things design. Shawn strongly believes that a good design has the power to lift your spirits, and works to achieve it in every project he undertakes.

Marnie Safran

Showroom Manager. Designer


Marnie has 

Limber Zapata

Chief Production Designer


With 25 years in the drapery industry, Limber Zapata is one of the most experienced, knowledgable, and resourceful installers. Limber’s passion is seen in every project he takes part in, whether it be working with architectural plans or retrofitting systems into existing homes. 

Chief Order Consultant


Luda is the company’s go-to problem solver and organizational guru. Every project is scheduled through her. Furthermore, she oversees all the projects from start to finish to guarantee satisfaction.