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Founder, Designer, Showroom Operations

Shawn’s background in interior design provided him with a great foundation to create a successful design firm. His passion is reflected in his enthusiasm about all things design. Shawn strongly believes that a good design has the power to lift your spirits, and works to achieve it in every project he undertakes.

Founder of Em Studio Interior Production in New York Ciy


Founder. Principal Designer

Emily's has had a passion for design from a young age. She spent her childhood learning the ropes at her mothers workroom 'Interior Productions' . While in high school she teamed up with her brother Shawn and developed the studio. After developing the business and graduating high-school she moved to Paris. She is currently studying Architecture in Paris while managing projects remotely.

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Showroom Manager. Designer

Marnie has more than 20yrs of experience working in the interior design industry. She brings a unique sense of style and a welcoming personality to each consultation. 

With an immense appreciation for a range of design periods and styles, she approaches every project with the concept that your living space should tell a story and be a reflection of oneselves. 
She attributes her passion for interior design to her Austrian roots and New York City upbringing. 



Chief Production Designer

With 25 years in the drapery industry, Limber Zapata is one of the most experienced, knowledgable, and resourceful installers. Limber’s passion is seen in every project he takes part in, whether it be working with architectural plans or retrofitting systems into existing homes.

Production Manager Em Studio Interior Production in New York City


Chief Order Consultant

Luda is the company’s go-to problem solver and organizational guru. Every project is scheduled through her. Furthermore, she oversees all the projects from start to finish to guarantee satisfaction.

Chief order consultant Em Studio Interior Production in New York Ciy


The Em Studio Showroom is an extension to the three decade old custom interior design operation. We have launched the showroom in order to share our interior design passion with the creative minds of New York City and beyond.  Have an idea or project in mind? Come on in to Em Studio, where the inspiring process of home decor begins.


Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of an upholstery project? How about the production of custom drapery, roman shades, and other window treatments? Here at Em Studio NY, we facilitate this inspiring process, from sampling fabrics to the final installment.

For the past thirty years, we have been specifically catering to the professional interior design trade. With an in-house workroom located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, controlling the quality and timing of the production of our products is our strength an pride. Our team consists of skilled artisans who are familiar with the demands of the interior design industry, with attention to details and a passion for refinement. Em Studio NY works exclusively with top decorators and architects in the interior design industry, with featured work in numerous hotels, homes, boutiques, and showrooms across the nation.

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