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Our roller blinds blend seamlessly into any surroundings. The variety of available fabrics and numerous configurations make full product customization a reality. It integrates a mechanism developed by Bandalux that assures a perfectly rolled fabric and a straight, firm descent in a durable and efficient soft drive system for the ultimate user experience.

The roller blinds let you combine a decorative and a technical fabric in the same system to manage the room's light any time, from an ambiance with dimmed light to total opacity.

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This range of outdoor systems comprises functional, robust curtains that protect fabric from weathering and erosion inside a box that serves as a curtain rod and embellishes the ensemble.

The B-Box, B-Box Duo and O-Box systems come in a multitude of sizes, with various configuration options, hiding them away better and saving energy through their thermal properties, which enable them to conserve the indoor ambiance. Each of these systems has a specific box design, which is always made of aluminum to be aesthetically pleasing. All box roller blinds with drawer have a safety system for children when operated via chain.




Bandalux's ongoing commitment to R&D means it offers a range of hidden roller shades for both indoor and outdoor use. A range of systems that combines the latest technology with avant-garde fabrics to provide optimal light management right up to blackout conditions.

The Z-Box, Zi-Box and Zi-Box Duo solar protection systems are the natural evolution of standard blinds and embody the company's desire to apply the latest advances in the field of shades, minimizing light flow and generating the highest degree of opacity and privacy for the user.




Our decorative roller shades systems are the ideal solution for those looking for an exclusive indoor curtain design. With the choices of drawers, profiles and decorative borders from Bandalux, you can enjoy an exclusive system, tailored to your taste and one that can be combined with your curtain fabric and home furnishings.

All while preserving the curtain's functional efficiency, which means you can enjoy your privacy and get optimum sun protection in a highly attractive unit. The decorative roller shades systems like Artline, Trazer, Neolux, Q-Style and Q-Box come in different sizes, textures and tones and always with high-end finishes to guarantee elegance and durability.




Practical and comfortable, Bandalux Fit shades feature no-hole, screw-free installation. Designed for use in window frames and glass doors, they provide excellent luminosity in glassed in rooms without sacrificing door and window functionality. The shade is fixed directly on the frame via the guides, avoiding any moldings and giving the handle space. A practical system that blends into the room with various finishes: Fit, Fit-Box, Fit-Pleat.




Bandalux folding blinds offer unlimited design and configuration choices thanks to their five different styles and a wide range of fabrics with more than 130 references to select from.

A system to meet any decorative need and one that is also highly versatile. It allows you to open the window without having to retract the blind since it can be installed in the window frame. This curtain is very easy-to maintain because the fabric is attached by Velcro and can be removed and placed at any time. Even the drop of the fabric can be selected: with a rod for greater rigidity without a rod for a free-falling fabric.




Your everyday pleated blind, taken to a whole new level. Bandalux creates pleated blinds systems capable of adapting to any window type, even the most irregular ones. This slender, folded blind has a minimum gathering area and can accommodate both total opacity and translucent fabrics that sift light. Two fabrics can also be combined to regulate light flows as desired with the Night and Day finish, which allows an opaque and translucent fabric to blend in a single shade. Bandalux pleated blinds come in the Cell fabric format, which has an inner honeycomb-like interior that ensures 100% opacity and high thermal insulation.




The vertical blind system offers total control over light flows thanks to the slat's movement and their 180º rotation. Able to provide the right atmosphere at any time, vertical blinds stand out for their precise, versatile design that allows them to cover up to 6 m wide by 6 m high glassed areas.

Vertical blinds are also highly adaptable to any space, including stairs, curved and inclined windows, ledges and slopes thanks to their adaptive tracks. It is the ideal system to set up a multitude of natural hues of light in your home. We have a wide range of decorative and technical fabrics, which also include the possibility of converting your vertical blind into a complete blocking system thanks to the opaque fabric slats.




The sliding panel consists of superimposed strips of cloth that keep light out and ensure perfect sun protection even on large windows. Its large cloth panels add personality to a space and can also function as a room partition, creating a multipurpose room.

We have multiple colors and prints, either of the fabric or done with digital printing to capture your personality in the system and combine it with the space's overall look. When configured with a decorative front panel, Trazer enhances the beauty and uniqueness of the ensemble.




Trends come and go but a traditional drape gives your space elegance and harmony. The infinite colors, textures and transparent finishes we offer you in our Waves collection combine perfectly with other blind systems such as the roller blind, the folding blind or sliding panels.

Well-suited for large windows, its diverse colors and textures will blend seamlessly into your home on both straight and curved surfaces. Bandalux's range of traditional drapes includes fabrics with opaque, flame-retardant, thermal and acoustic properties.




Venetian blinds are a practical, functional option that enables high-precision control of light flows indoors. This system combines the brightness of a fully opened blind and the capacity to reach a high degree of opacity in its unfolded position thanks to its adjustable strip structure of different widths that move at 180º on its horizontal axis. Available with stainless aluminum slats, which make it an ideal solution for humid and saline environments. Or else choose wood slats for an exclusive finish that enhances the look of the space and makes it more inviting.

The multiple finishes offered by the Bandalux venetian blinds system let you choose between different components, colors and features to match the blinds with your home's style.




Bandalux's skylight solution, whatever the model or inclination. Skylight systems create an inviting, cozy, intimate atmosphere. They are installed right into the window frame, without any screws or hole making. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics, allowing you to select between roller blinds, pleated or opaque fabric, or drives, such as manual, cord or spring systems. The perfect finish to harness incoming light and filter it to your taste.




The Bandalux insect screen system has a gray mesh fabric that offers an ideal level of aperture, for optimum visibility while ensuring proper ventilation of the room. All without altering its main function: to prevent insects from entering the room.

The different insect screen solutions, Caterpillar, Evolution and Lavender, are easily adapted to all types of doors and windows and are very strong, thanks to the materials with which they are made.




Enjoy the privacy of your terrace or balcony, this is what Bandalux awnings and pergolas are made for. Systems made with strong, rust-proof materials, designed to be installed outdoors and able to withstand the most severe weather conditions. Designs are tailored to any size, even large dimensions, to fulfill their role aesthetic-wise and protect against the sun by shading open spaces. In the case a motor is set up, they can also include a handy sun and wind sensor to automate the assembly's folding, if necessary.